alternatives to violence training

Alternatives To Violence Training

Violence is typically a learned behavior. We pick it up from those

with whom we're raised and we pass it on because it's what we

know. Violence comes in many forms, from bullying to the

actual taking of human life. Most people are exposed to some

form of violence daily but shrug it off as nothing.

The GRAAFICS Alternatives-To-Violence (AVP) program is an intense

curriculum based training program that enabling participants to deal

directly with potentially violent situations in new and creative ways.

GRAAFICS provides a safe space for participants to practice turning situations that will ordinarily become volatile, into win-win outcomes. With GRAAFICS the focus is turning conflict into opportunities for greater understanding and stronger relationships.

GRAAFICS offers curriculum based workshops that take place in prisons, schools and communities. A typical GRAAFICS Alternatives To Violence workshop begins with extractions from our AVP curriculum. In addition to this we use interactive exercises, role playing, games and we tap into and share personal experiences of participants.

A GRAAFICS AVP workshop can assist with:
•    Effectively manage strong feelings, e.g.: Disrespect and Anger
•    Building better relationships with others
•    Communication in difficult situations
•    Identifying and strengthening current decision making skills
•    Understand why conflict occurs

Who Will Benefit From This Course
People that have accepted that they may have

challenges with anger and are sincerely interested in assistance


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