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behavior modification training

The GRAAFICS Behavior Modification Program offers original and effective behavioral treatment techniques created and used exclusively by certified GRAAFICS trainers. This evidence based practice focuses on four (4) strength driven approaches

#1. Identifying the pattern of behaviors,

#2. Addressing poor behaviors from worst to least,

#3. Strategizing effective techniques to prevent poor behaviors from reoccurring and

#4. Equipping staff and loved ones with skills to empower individuals to manage their own behavior.  

It should be noted that behavior management excersizes may be grouped and practiced within cohort trainings. Each disruptive individual has his/her own underlying reasons as to exactly WHY he/she misbehaves; therefore, the actual contents of our training is tailored on a case by case basis only after a complete assessment is performed.  

Staff Training

To better assist staffs with guiding individuals toward managing their own behaviors, GRAAFICS offers a number of behavior modification trainings offered in our professional development series. With this training, Staff learn how to address disruptive behavior safely and effectively, increasing the likelihood that individuals will choose more positive behaviors.