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School Based Anti-Bully Package

School bullying is a problem that is growing daily to the point

where it may even be borderline out of control. The results

of bullying have been recorded as ranging from bed wetting

and truancy to suicide and murder. GRAAFICS realizes this

challenge and has designed a program to specifically

address this challenge.

Bullying: A One Year or 40 Week Package

Our 40 session behavior modification program is one that

offers your school a certified GRAAFICS trainer once per

week between the hours of 8:30am X 3:30pm. This

trainer is assigned to your school for the full day.

This trainer will not only facilitate student classes,

he/she will also assist with safe after school student

dismissal. This package further includes:

•    4 Classes: Violence: What Does It Prove & Is It Really Worth It?
•    4 Classes: Cyber Bullying: What May Be Your Very First Felony
•    4 Classes: Street Gangs: A Complete Understanding Of How It Effects Your Life
•    4 Classes: Decision Making: Healthy & Measurable Alternatives To Aggression
•    4 Classes: Stress Pt. 1 - Coping With Stress At Home
•    4 Classes: Stress Pt. 1 - Coping With Stress With My Peers
•    4 Classes: Study Habits - How To Take Notes In Class And Study At Home
•    4 Classes: Poor: A Word To Describe My Family’s Temporary Financial Situation,
                         NOT To Describe The Course Of My Life
•    4 Classes: Etiquette: Why It’s Important To Success At EVERY Level
•    4 Classes: Action Plan - Building An Action Plan For September
•    3 Field Trips and/or Power Speakers: TBD
•    ½ Hour Website Video Testimonial: School Principal- ‘What GRAAFICS has done for my school’