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  1. I promise to come to school on time every day.
  2. I promise to stay in class while I am in school.
  3. I promise to pay attention to my work while I am in class.
  4. I promise to NEVER be problematic while I am in class and/or in school.
  5. I promise to successfully complete all of my ‘In Class’ assignments and homework.
  6. I promise to actively participate in positive after school programs.
  7. I promise to seek help with anything that I do not clearly understand, e.g.: School Work, Homework, etc.
  8. I promise to try my absolute hardest to get into college and/or trade school.
  9. I promise to ABSOLUTELY NEVER join any illegal street gangs and/or illegal street organizations no matter how difficult I feel my life is at that time
  10. I promise to ABSOLUTELY NEVER carry, hold, borrow, use, discharge, sell, OR transport illegal handguns
  11. I promise to NEVER carry, hold, borrow, use, sell, OR transport illegal drugs.
  12. I promise to respect my parents no matter how I may feel about them because of what I think that they may or may not have done.
  13. I promise to respect myself above all else.
  14. I promise to respect all women.
  15. I promise to ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER lie to Dr. Smith under any circumstances.
  16. I promise to maintain the absolute best hygiene and appearance.
  17. I promise to stay in close and consistent contact with Dr. Smith everyday