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What participants will find at The GRAAFICS Program

A Clean and Safe Environment:

We take extreme pride in the fact that our reputation

has allowed us to partner with other organizations

that have afforded us newly renovated state-of-the-art

classroom and computer lab space.


New Positive and Proactive Friends:

Each participant will become a part of a cohort. It will

be encouraged for individuals from specific cohorts to

grow with and lean on one another for positive support,

with our staffs as positive reinforcement.

Staffs that ‘REALLY’ care: All staffs are volunteer. Each person hired to work with our enrollees will go through a very rigorous interview process performed personally by the project founder. Each person hired will enter with a unique job description, performance will be actively measured and staff will be held accountable. As this project ‘may’ have the propensity for City, State and/or Federal funding at a later date; we are taking an early stance on eliminating the  “I don’t really care, I’m just here for a paycheck, because I have bills to pay, until something better comes along” attitude.  

Mentors and Coaches that lead by example: In order for a person to become a mentor or a coach for any one of our participants, that person MUST be a credible or established adult, and MUST in the position to help that participant that is assigned to him. That person MUST be in the position to offer any one of (but not limited to) the following: A Full or Part Time Job, An Internship Opportunity, A minimum of 2 days out of a month where the father assigned to you can ‘hang-out’ with you- so that he can actually ‘eye witness’ positive behavior in action. If someone is interested in applying to become a mentor or coach for one of our participants and he does NOT fit the stated criteria, flexibility is considered ONLY if that applicant can OPENLY prove HOW his involvement in the life of one of our participants is beneficial to that participant and the program.  

State of the Art Computer Lab: A fully equipped computer laboratory with 14 internet ready desktop PC’s, each with Windows ’07 installed.  

Comfortable Classroom and Workshop Space: A comfortable centrally heated and cooled classroom that comfortably seats 14.

A “No Excuses” Environment: Gone are the days when program participants fail to comply using the traditional excuse “You people don’t know my life, where I’ve come from, how I grew up or what I have to do to survive day-to-day.” Our staffs, mentors and coaches will be comprised of people whom have ‘successfully and productively’ overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Workshop Format: Each semester cohort is highly interactive. The GRAAFICS curriculum is tailored using proven methods that are effective in transferring information in ways people learn best. Semesters may include case studies, lectures, simulations, practice sessions, group interaction, problem analysis, exercises, self-assessment tools, and role plays. Small cohort size allows participants to receive the individual attention needed to help ensure that all learning goals are met.

On-Site Training: GRAAFICS offers a full line of staff training seminars and workshops. Please contact us should your group and/or your organization like to further discuss our wonderful discount packages.

Faculty: In addition to FORMER Gang Members, FORMER Offenders and FORMER Dead Beats; GRAAFICS staff include both junior and senior executives, practitioners, consultants, Attorneys, and a host of other ‘outstanding’ credible and established upright citizens who bring academic expertise and real-world experience into the workshop. GRAAFICS staff are selected for their subject area knowledge and for their capacity to interact with both working professionals and the underprivileged to achieve an active and proactive learning environment.  

Customization to match your specific needs: In our undying efforts to remain innovative, we specifically encourage flexible learning. Flex-learning is designed to help participants achieve (OMS) Optimum Measurable Success. We accomplish this focusing on the issues that are directly related to the participants ‘real life’,’ real time’ needs.  

Wide selection of course offerings: GRAAFICS is the ONLY program that #1. Offers a uniquely tailored curriculum, and #2. Empowers participants with choice. You have the ability to select from over 50 different workshops, seminars and/or trainings to create something unique for your programs goals.