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Donate - $25.00 Per Month

Your donation of $25.00 per month gives us the ability to do things like buy lunch and after school snacks. It also gives us the ability to purchase a movie ticket or two so that our kids can hang out with their friends on the weekend. - Thanks for YOUR help.

Donate - $100.00 Per Month

A small amount of money goes a VERY long way. Your donation of $100.00 per month gives us the ability to take the kids on local field trips and/or financially sponsor them for field trips given by partnering organizations. At GRAAFICS, we believe that if kids SEE more, they will want to BE more. Your contribution helps. - Thanks.

Donate - $500.00 Per Month

Help academically struggling children get promoted to the following grade. Your donation of $500.00 per month empowers us to be able to hire college students as tutors. These tutors come into our schools and work closely with our academically struggling kids throughout the school year. This totally removes the fear of pop quizzes, exams and tests. The results are, an otherwise failing child promoted to the following grade because of you.

One Time Donation  -  YOU Determine The Amount.

A one time donation of ANY amount allows us to do things like purchase photocopy paper, toner cartridges, and general everyday office supplies. Any amount helps. - Thank you.

monetary donations