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Drug dealer - hustler training

The Drug Dealer’s Training
Dubbed ‘The one course that every urban child NEEDS’. This course was designed after reviewing several high

profile drug cases as well as personally interviewing several high profile convicted drug dealers. THIS COURSE

IS A MANDATORY MUST for anyone with the intentions of and/or currently selling drugs feeling like there is no way


Course Trainings Include

•    How do children start selling drugs
•    How to stop selling drugs
•    How do drug dealers get your kids to sell drugs for them
•    Is selling drugs a habit? Hobby? Or Addiction?
•    Is there really no way out
•    How to survive with a paycheck when you are

      used to drug money
•    You really don’t want to be the man…trust me
•    The real story of the guys you idolize
•    What happens to the money that you save

      whenyou get caught
•    How to survive with a 9 to 5
•    How to prioritize your life after drug dealing
•    Methods for prevention

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
Current drug dealers looking for a way to stop, Parents of
drug dealers seeking diversion information, Community

members interested in identifying and removing drug dealers from their neighborhoods, and organizations

interested in learning how to address age-old and still this rapidly growing culture.