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The ‘E’ is Key Program

E is Key is short for “Education is the key to the door of success”. The goal of the ‘E is Key’ program is to address student’s entry level ‘at-risk’ behaviors by incorporating ‘Real-Time’ life skills activities and programs into their day-to-day school activities. Designed by students and staff, ‘E is Key’ activities and programs additionally challenging students holding them accountable for achieving certain success milestones that will immediately benefit them.

E is Key programs consist of:

Mock Trials (in real court rooms)

Internships, Volunteering, Attending College Tours,

Attending College Career Fairs, Speaking At Other

High Schools, Attending Mock Interview Trainings,

Shadowing A Senior Executive At Work For A Day, etc.

Since its arrival and within our first year;


To increase student’s level of educational

outlook by decreasing interruptions due to

poor balances of social relationships and educational


Who will benefit?

Schools that currently experience the challenges of managing day-to-day educational due to unmanageable social interactions.

The GRAAFICS ‘E is Key’ Program is immediately responsible for significant impacts across the board:  

Staff Impact:

  • Establishing respect and building stronger relationships between school’s staffs and students,
  • Establishing respect and building more effective relationships between school’s faculty and administration.
  • Building and maintaining solid relationships between GRAAFICS staffs and school’s faculty and administration.   

Student Impact:

  • 25 ‘At-Risk’ high school gang members ‘safely’ denouncing their gangs
  • 355 ‘At-Risk’ and failing high school students being promoted to the next grade
  • 42 ‘At-Risk’ high school students obtaining employment
  • 15 ‘At-Risk’ high school student graduating and going to college
  • 62 ‘At-Risk’ high school students successfully graduating

Parent Impact:

  • Earning the trust of parents in which enabled them to not only partner with our program, but to also look to ‘E is Key’ for guidance and solutions.
  • Convincing parents to accept greater responsibilities and to hold themselves accountable for their children, Parent-Teacher relationships and overall interest in quality education.