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entrepreneur's training

The Entrepreneurs Training
The only way to GUARANTEE A PAYCHECK is to work for yourself. If America is the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and New

York is the richest and most opportunity friendly state in the country; how does a person get started? With this course you will learn:

•    How to start your own business
•    Discrimination and Minorities
•    Is this REALLY a white Man’s World? -

      Roots,Slavery, Civil Rights Era… Get over it!
•    Corporate America’s view the small business
•    Building business credit
•    The paperwork process
•    Finding a GOOD small business attorney
•    Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and

     Public Relations
•    How to start a small business while

      still working forsomeone else
•    Small business banking and you
•    Today’s Struggle, tomorrow’s success
•    Start Up Money: How and where to get it
•    Urban Empowerment
•    How to launch your small business without
making it difficult for you at your job
•    The Importance of Mentors
•    Future Billionaire or Trapped Ghetto Rat
•    What are YOU afraid of…

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
The person that has ever envisioned working for
his/herself. This course provides the tools needed to givethe future entrepreneur that extra push needed in order to branch out into the fantastic world of self employment.Whether you are interested in a small legal hustle tosupplement your (already stable) income or you arelooking to establish a small business in hopes of growing it to become the next Apple; this course is for you.