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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a FREE program?

Unfortunately it is NOT a free program. Each of the programs and/or 

services performed by either us and/or any of our staff are fee based.

How much does the program cost?

There is no single blanket cost for services. Pricing is based upon

the program(s) or service(s) that you select, e.g.: You may need a

behavior modification program (one cost) but you may also want to add

in some extras like field trips (seperate cost), college tours (seperate cost) and clothing for your students which also has a seperate cost.

So, the cost of the program is solely based upon what you choose.

Does the Syllabus apply only to the Absent

Father/Gang Member/Formerly Incarcerated Population?
No! If carefully reviewed, each reader will discover several different syllabus topics that may apply to any situation. There are courses

that are designed for staff only, as well as courses that are designed for community members or parents. This is the beauty of customized

services. There is no area that is out dated or that does not apply to a particular population. Each course (with the help of your staff) can be tailored to fit.

My child is NOT in a school where the program is located. Do you provide personal one-on-one services?

YES! Personal one-on-one mentoring and life coaching services are available. 

My agency is not very large. How much space is needed?
Space has to accommodate the attendance capacity. However, generally, a large classroom/auditorium style area is sufficient.

My agency does not have much money; are discounts available? Also, what supplies are needed?
Yes, discounts are available. Please call for details. We offer generous discounts as our primary focus isn’t profit, it’s changing the lives of people in need.  Standard presentation tools and supplies are: microphone and sound system (depending on the size of the audience), Three to four  3 ½ ft X 4 ½ ft ‘Post It’ Giant Easel Pads (Self Adhesive), Lots of markers (Different Colors), Access to a photocopier (Lots of copies will be made). These are the standard supplies. However, when customizing a course to accommodate a particular population additional things may be needed in order to maximize client impact.   

What are the benefits of using your service versus our current methods?
You will witness an almost instant increase in daily attendance. A downward spike in attendance and/or participation is one of the classic, yet blatantly ignored signs of a failing program. However, when attendance increases, this is a clear indicator that clients are ‘interested’ in exploring entry level change. If entry level follow up services does not mirror their initial reason for participation (the presentation), clients will only lose interest again, resulting in repeated compliance failures.

How do I know if you are as good as you say you are? What if I don’t believe your reviews?
Then request a FREE sample seminar! We will assign a representative to come to your organization, assess your population and design a TOTALLY FREE seminar especially for your population. It’s just that simple and based on the reviews of ‘your’ peers, you may foster your own opinion.

Our population is THE WORST and they listen to NO ONE. Why will they listen to YOU?
Please see: Testimonials

What does it take to get started?
An undeterred commitment to changing your current system, or if you have no current system (or you are tired of the current system) building a system of your own ...  and then a phone call (or an email)