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fatherhood services

Fathering Services
Did you know that there is a tremendous difference between a ‘Father’ and a ‘Daddy’?  A father (by definition) is identified as the male parent that has biologically been proven to have co-created a child or children; a ‘Daddy’ (by definition) is identified as the male parent that has ‘earned’ his respect as a direct result of simply being there- whenever, however, where ever, no matter.

GRAAFICS Fatherhood Services was created after interviewing fathers, step fathers, grandfathers (and a few great grandfathers) in an effort to identify the elements needed to reconnect unproductive fathers, both young and mature, with their children.

GRAAFICS Fatherhood Mentors are comprised of those same fathers, step fathers, grand fathers and great-grand fathers as we believe that the only way to ‘be’ a great dad is to learn from a great dad.   


To introduce fathers to healthy alternatives to crime; connect them to healthy child support habits and then reconnect them with their children.

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course:
Any male that has a child. The course is designed for the biological father that has been inactive in the life or lives of his child or children. However, we have discovered that fathers whom are active in their children’s lives have completed the course simply for positive reinforcements. For more info,
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