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G - family

The 'G Fam' Program

Research clearly supports the notion that when program participants are supported with a structure that resembles a family, their likelihood for success increases. Further studies also confirm that when support is absent, it can be the primary reason for disconnect.

G Fam is our family services component. To us, family means:

  • F – Family and friends
  • A- Adjusting to and supporting
  • M- My new
  • I- Interest and
  • L- Lifestyle without asking
  • Y- Why

In this original program we offer services to the

family members of our participants. These services

empower loved ones with the ability to provide

continuous support for our participants during

both pre and post graduation.  

How does it work
When participants are enrolled into and actively participating in either of the GRAAFICS programs, and are approaching graduation, we contact family members to offer group, one-on-one counseling and family life skills services.

To further decrease the likelihood of relapse and/or recidivism by increasing productivity for GRAAFICS graduates and offering services to family, friends and loved ones geared towards healthy interactions, unity and productivity.   

Who will benefit?
Family, friends and loved ones of GRAAFICS participants