Intervention. Operations. Training. Development.  


GRAAFICS was first visualized in 2003 by Kai Smith to act as a ‘port-of-exit’ for those young adults genuinely interested in discontinuing negative or criminal behavior. GRAAFICS assist at-risk youth, current gang members, inactive gang members, the incarcerated, the formerly incarcerated, and absent fathers with successfully reforming the attitudes and behaviors that directly coorelate to unhealthy decisions. 

At GRAAFICS, our services include highly intense semester courses surrounding (but not limited to) Gang Life & Diversion, Responsible Fathering, Effective Reentry, Productive & Proactive Relationships, Priority Aligning; Community Damage, Atonement, Restoration.

GRAAFICS also provides mandated professional internships that eventually lead to permanent employment for those who have and/or earn the marketable skills needed for placement.