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Mentoring Services
Mentoring is defined as a quasi-personal developmental relationship where a more experienced or more knowledgeable person uses his/her time, education, resources and sometimes finances to help a less experienced or less knowledgeable person achieve a specific goal.

At GRAAFICS the successful mentoring relationship always

involves healthy communication, absolute trust and blind

faith.  As with other services, GRAAFICS mentoring mandates

a ‘total buy-in’ from the mentee- it works no other way.

At GRAAFICS, as we meticulously assess and extract

‘real-time’ information from our clients, we even more

meticulously assess, extract and scrutinize all mentor applicants.

Becoming a GRAAFICS mentor is held with the highest regard.

GRAAFICS Mentors are focused, dedicated and blatantly serious.

In pairing mentors with mentees, we use a 15 point balancing

system that offers us the best combination. This match is based

on things like: Race, Age, Gender, Education, Career, Crime Of

Choice, Drug Of Choice, Number Of Children, Baby-Mama-Drama, Gang Of Choice, Gang Exit Methods, etc.

At GRAAFICS, a mentee will never have the opportunity to say: “You don’t know my life, where I’ve come from and what I have to do every day just to survive.”


To foster healthy mentor/mentee relationships that eventually transcend into phenomenal life-long friendships.

Who Will Benefit From This Course:
Everyone, as accepting a mentor is a mandatory requirement at GRAAFICS.