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The Grown Ups Behaving Badly Course
WHY DON’T KIDS TODAY LISTEN?  Well, it’s primarily because they do NOT respect the person that’s asking them to do

the listening. Adults today exhibit characteristic that may be the spearhead to the reason our youth are in the

positions that they are currently in. Here you will address:

You are not a teenager or a young adult so stop acting like one
What they see you do, they will do too
Why can’t you get it together
You want respect but do you deserve it
Grownups dressing like kids
Grownups talking like kids
Grownups acting like kids
Why does grandma / grandpa get more love

      and respect than you do
The domino effect: You behave badly, kids don’t

      respect you, they grow up to behave badly, and theyenter the

      prison system.
How to regain respect from your or anyone’s
How you ‘directly’ contribute to your child’s bad
Proactive steps for stoppage and redirection

Kids are to be SEEN and NOT heard

I can do it .. I'm still young too

I'm teaching my child how it REALLY is in the world

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
This course was specifically designed for: The parent that

aims to become their child’s best friend as opposed to their

parent; The parent that has lost the respect of his/her child

as a direct result of being unproductive in the child’s life

for any period of time; The parent that has exhibited bad

behavior in the presence of their child and has lost respect

as a result. In addition to the parent that finds that he/she

is not appreciated as much as a grandparent may be.