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community atonement training

The Community Training
After attending several Community Board meetings within the five boroughs of NYC and hearing the plethora of

complaints that community residents have with the lack of services that they feel they receive from the city; this

course was created to reconnect communities and teach them how to address effectively their concerns. this course includes:

•    It takes a village
•    Remember back in the days when…
•    Are the best children raised by a village
•    What does this parable mean
•    That was then…this is now.

      How will we getwhere we want to go
•    The strength of a community
•    Does your community have enough programs
•    How to get more programs for your community
•    How to start a tenants patrol
•    How to get maximum support from your

      localPolice Department
•    How to start a Community Program of any kind!
•    How to get money and support for your program
•    How to get members and respect
•    How to start a Tenant’s Association
•    What a Tenant’s Association actually does
•    How to get local government to listen to and

     address a communities concerns
•    The NYC organizational chart and who to
contact if…
•    How to rebuild your community
•    How to police your own community
•    How do I make my community look like theirs?
•    Who, what, when, where, why, how, follow

      follow up and after care

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
Community resident that have grown frustrated with the
lack of services that they are getting in their immediate

neighborhoods. This course instructs community residents on how to get ‘real-time’ answers to their questions and

improved conditions in their neighborhoods.