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The ORIGINS Program

ORIGINS is our acronym for: “Our Return To Inner Growth Through Introspection And Nurturing Of The Spirit”. The very first program of its kind (in the country and possibly the world) that addresses Gang Life, Reentry and Absent Male Parenting through introspection, true self identification & awareness and spiritual connection.


How Does It Work?

ORIGINS is GRAAFICS’ graduate school program. When participants successfully complete our cohort program, graduate and wish to continue services, they are offered ORIGINS. Presented in a smaller more personal cohort, ORIGINS participants receive services including, but not limited to:

  • Family & Ancestry Tracking via our relationship with
  • Lost Relative Reconnection
  • Name origin and definition
  • How and why they got their names
  • Which tribe family descended from
  • Connection to that particular tribe locally
  • Family’s United States origin
  • Family’s current United States location
  • Learn about relatives
  • Participants are taught how to meditate
  • One on one (sponsored) relationship with spiritual mentor at participant’s denomination of choice  

To broaden the horizons of GRAAFICS graduates further convincing them that although relapse into poor decision making is possible … it will not be due to lack of options.  

Who will benefit from this program?
This program is closed to non GRAAFICS graduates