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Pre-release services

The GRAAFICS Program now offers services INSIDE of prisons with PreViction.

PreViction is a combination of two actions:

Pre Release and Eviction. Here, we not only empower

but also encourage inmates to get evicted from prison.

PreViction offers detainees professional and/or

vocational training, aggressive employment services

and the quality social-emotional training have been

proven to be the most important assets that a returning

offender can acquire; without this any inmate released is

almost destined to fail.

Our ‘PreViction program partners with jails,

detention centers and prisons to address behavioral,

reentry and recidivism concerns.

To increase proactive behaviors therefore reducing

interdepartmental infractions by inmates within a

one year window of release by offering measurable,

real-time and life changing pre-release services.

How does it work?
180 days to release GRAAFICS PreViction staffs work with

(internal) prison/jail staffs and (external) parole/probation

officers to identify cohort candidates. Using the cohort model, along with dated and proven real-time trainings and techniques GRAAFICS PreViction staff members enter facilities daily to train inmates with a combination of tailored trainings including but not limited to: Attitude Adjustments, Behavior Changes, Personal & Professional Etiquette, Family Readjusting, Community Readjusting and Workforce Development. GRAAFICS actually takes employers into institutions for mock interviews to show employers how hard offenders are working for that ‘one chance’ that they can give them. PreViction participants will mandatorily transition directly into our external GRAAFICS Reentry Services Program. 


How is it different from current pre-release services?
PreViction staff members are made up of former inmates from the very facilities from which they are returning. After their own release and upwards of 10 years of positive societal productivity after release, these cormer felons now owning property, successful businesses, have acquired multiple post graduate degrees and continuously ‘walking the talk’. Who better?
Who will benefit
Inmates within two years of release that have expressed interest in addressing their recidivistic attitudes and behaviors by remaining incident free for 18 months prior to 180 day cohort start date.