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Those who have attended our workshops or have taken

advantage of our services come from organizations of

all sizes, ranging from small, local community based

businesses and organizations to Fortune 500 companies,

local schools and religious institutions. These businesses include:

List Of Past & Present Partners

New York Job Partners | NYC Department of Probation | NYC Department of Corrections
D.B. Grant & Associates | Affiliated Computer Services | The Concera Corporation
The Doe Fund | Lockheed Martin | Visions: Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Metropolitan College of New York | New York Homeless Coalition | The Right Direction Program
MBV Ventures | Supreme Fish Delight | St. James A.M.E Church | New York City Housing Association
Project Hospitality | The Employment Program for Recovered Alcoholics (EPRA) | Jobs For Youth, Inc.
Brownsville Multi-Service Center | New York City Human Resource Administration |

Kings County District Attorney’s Office | New York City Community Clean Up | Red Hook Community Justice Center 

Center For Court Innovation | Back On Track Program- Brownsville | Brownsville Youth Court
Community Partners Commission Association | NYC Department of Juvenile Justice | Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center

The Rise Up Program | Brownsville Community Justice Center | Brownsville Anti Violence Project

Invite us to your organization for a quick assessment and we will provide you with a FREE snapshot of your training and development needs and how we can help.  

Note: The ‘Previous Works’ section of this website is no indication that GRAAFICS (as a program) has partnered with the above organization(s), but ‘is’ (however) an indication that its founder: Kai Smith has either worked for and/or acted as a consultant to the organization(s) and in such, has honed the skills mandatorily necessary for the founding of The GRAAFICS Program.