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Reaching At-Risk Youth From The Streets – RAYS
The RAYS Program – Reaching At-Risk Youth from the Streets (RAYS)

Ask troubled youth where they are from and they will easily (and sometimes happily) say “I’m from the streets!” If you listen to song’s lyrics that they identify as best describing what they feel, monitor characters in television shows and movies that they best relate to and study the people that they look up to, you will discover that the overwhelming majority are direct street affiliates. In fact, when you look at ‘some’ parents you also see the effects of street-life and can then understand why certain behaviors in their children exist.

Unlike competitive programs that offend young adults by demeaning the streets and street-life (often not realizing that they are attacking the ‘one thing’ that these young adults feel connected to) GRAAFICS RAYS Program (Reaching At-Risk Youth from the Streets-RAYS) fully accepts each participants street-life reality/mentality, psychologically meets each participant where they are, assesses their educational and professional standpoint, identifies dreams and/or aspirations, works to develop a realistic action plan (based on small and immediately measurable outcomes) and then uses a GRAAFICS costumed approach to coach them to ‘their own’ success- not the programs’.  
To deter poor decision making and initial criminal offenses by providing youths with ‘immediate’ answers to their questions, as well as alternatives and solutions to their at-risk behavior.


Who will benefit:
Young adults (ages: 10 to 17) that have exhibited at-risk behavior and especially those that have expressed an interest in alternatives to at-risk behavior.