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rap music & life training

B.E.T, Rap Music, and Rap Videos
This course was designed to have parents, teachers, mentors and other adults take a back seat and WATCH
how our young adults think, feel, act, react and what they believe about the phenomenal world of Rap Music. Thiscourse will assist the enrollees with accepting the facts that The Rap Music Culture (although entertainment) isrealistically apart of our children’s lives in which needs to be appropriately addressed if a healthy and balancedrelationship is to exist. This course includes:

•    Is B.E.T, Rap Music and Rap Videos raising your
•    What is Rap music
•    What is Hip Hop
•    What is Hardcore Rap
•    What is Gangster Rap
•    What is a Video Magazine
•    How street credibility is established and
•    Do parents who monitor music have better
behaved children
•    Learning the music culture, growth and focus…
the best way

      to bridge the gap betweenparents and children.
•    Do they really try to do what they see celebrities
•    Do they really try to live the way they hear the
celebrities say they live
•    Whose fault is it really
•    Solutions for positive change

•    Do celebrities ‘really’ control the way our kidsthink and behave with their music
•    Is it ‘really’ out of control

Who Will Benefit From Completing this Course

This course was specifically designed to give the misunderstood adult the opportunity to play the role of the fly-on-the-wall and ‘hear it from the horse’s mouth’ withregards to ‘How music influences their lives’. The tremendous benefit comes from being able to silentlyobserve several groups of pre-teens, teens and young adults in several group settings.