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reality check

The Reality Check Program

If you thought that dealing with members of a street gang on the streets are both extremely difficult and dangerous, dealing with them when they have made a presence INSIDE of a school is far worse. GRAAFICS has achieved success in addressing the challenge of gang presence inside of schools through our ‘Life Skills’, ‘Reality Check’ & ‘Mentor’ programs.

For Us, It’s Simple

GRAAFICS offers services to schools by working with a

school’s administration to identify current and/or

potential gang members that attend school. Once

identified, they are then placed into classes facilitated

by former high ranking gang members

(from their same gang) that are now successful.

Step One: Is building trusting and productive

relationships with them.

Step Two: Providing them with a

measureable, touchable, feel-able reason

to discontinue gang life.  

The Reality Check Package Includes Full Day Field Trips To:

  • Riker's Island
  • Attica State Prison,
  • Clinton State Prison,
  • Rahway State Prison- New Jersey

The Numbers Thus Far

Through our presence in schools, 25% of our registered, once active gang members are and maintain ‘inactive’ status and 15% are undecided on their future status. From schools unaffected, 25% and 15% may not seem like much. From schools plagued, these numbers mean a reduction in school incidents, increases in attendance, grades, test scores and graduations.