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reentry services

Reentry Services
Three of the most critical issues in determining

whether an ex-prisoner can successfully re-enter

society and maintain a successful life are:

#1 Training,

#2 Employment and

#3 Education.

Studies clearly and unanimously show that prisons fail horribly

at providing reentry services to offenders scheduled for release

simply because it’s not what they do; they are not in the

business of rehabilitation, they’re in the business of confinement.

Therefore, there is neither interest nor appreciation for quality (or even adequate) reentry services. Inmates scheduled for release are offered poor quality cut-and-paste pre-release services 30 to 60 days before release, usually trained by another inmate (with no clue of dated techniques) or staffs with no clue of societal adjustments in the areas where the inmates will be released; which, in reality means they leave prison without a genuine formula for success almost destined to fail and reoffend.

GRAAFICS offers its participants a proven ‘new’ program for success. This is the very same program that GRAAFICS founder: Kai Smith and many, many other successful former offenders used in their amazing transition back to success after prison.  


To provide recently released people the professional, ‘real-time’, measurable alternatives solutions they need in order to become independent.  

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
Anyone that has recently been released from confinement is the prime candidate for our employment services. We have discovered (based on GRAAFICS graduates surveys after one year) that this service genuinely addressed the ‘Real-Time’ needs of the recently released person. For more info,
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