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sample syllabus

GRAAFICS Life Skills

Course Title: GRAAFICS Life Skills

Course Credits: (2) Two

Course Instructor:  Dr. Kai Smith

Contact: (Email)

Course Time: 9:33pm thru 2:42pm – Every Thursday

Course Description:
This course concerns a number of the most pressing ‘Real Life’ issues that young adults face today, with emphasis on the ‘one’ question that will be of continuing concern- “How do I become the person that I envision myself being with so many distractions?”

Course Objectives:
The goal of this course is for students to clearly understand information and its origin (old information, new information, false information, misleading information and street information) and then be able to process that information in a way where you (the student) will be able to make better decisions about the events that will impact you current and future lives.

Mandatory Assignments- Mid Term & Final Project

Mid Term Paper

Your Mid Term Paper is due on May 3rd 2014 by no later than 3:00pm. No student will pass this course without first successfully completing and submitting a 10 page “MID TERM” paper describing what they have learned from this class and how what they have learned has impacted their lives. Included in this paper will be the following:
One full page describing what you have learned in EACH of your OTHER classes (for example: if you have 7 other classes NOT including mine, you will dedicate ONE FULL PAGE to what you have learned in each of those classes) if you ‘claim’ that you have learned nothing in a particular class, you MUST write a full page describing ‘Why you did NOT learn anything and what could have been better.”
  The remaining pages will be dedicated to what you have learned in your GRAAFICS class.

Final Project

Your final project is due on June 8th 2014 by no later than 3:00pm. For your final project you will have to successfully complete the following:

Part One:

  • Select THREE colleges
  • Three (3) that are here in NYC
  • Three (3) that are NOT in NYC to visit
  • The three colleges that you selected that are here in NYC, you will have to go to visit
  • EACH of those three colleges
  • You will have to meet and speak with an admissions counselor
  • You MUST get the names of ‘ALL’ of the people that you speak to at all three college
  • You MUST sit through a FULL orientation and go on the FULL school tour for all three colleges
  • You must bring to class PROOF that you actually went to visit all three colleges.  -  Note: Mr. Smith “WILL” call each college to see if you were actually there. If you lie, you automatically fail the project.

Part Two:

  • The three colleges that you selected that are NOT in NYC, you must find those three college on the internet
  • You MUST read the entire web site… this means ALL of the information that is on the website
  • You must make contact with the Admissions Department at each of the colleges
  • You MUST ask them to send you information regarding which ever degree you are interested in
  • You MUST bring to class PROOF that you have made contact with a ‘Live’ person at the college and have requested this information.
  • You must bring THE ACTUAL PACKAGE that the college mails to you.  

Part Three:
You MUST write a FIVE page paper fully describing each college, what each college offers, which college is best for you and why the other college is NOT best for you.

Attendance & Punctuation Policy

Attendance and punctuation are essential to the learning process. Prior notices of unavoidable absences is expected. Any student that misses ANY CLASS for any reason MUST, MUST, MUST meet with Principal: Forde or Vice Principal: Collins “BEFORE” they are allowed back into the class, e.g.: This means that is you miss class on Tuesday because you were sick, when you come to school on Wednesday you MUST FIRST go to speak with Ms. Forde or Ms. Collins “BEFORE” I will let you back into class.

Be advised: Class begins at 1:53pm. You will be given a 5 minute grace period for class arrival. If you arrive at the classroom door any later than 1:58pm YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER – You will have to go and get a late pass from Ms. Collins or Ms. Forde.

Class Work & Home Work
Be advised, both “In-Class” work and “Homework” will be given. It is absolutely YOUR responsibility to take good notes in class and/or get all of the information that you will need for your assignments. It is YOUR responsibility to ask questions. Homework will be given in this class each and every day.

Grading Policy:
The grading system for this course will directly follow that which has been prescribed by The New York City Department of Education.

Grading Percentages:

  • Special Events Attendance 10% of Grade
  • Written Papers 25% of Grade
  • End Of Semester Papers 20% of Grade
  • Projects 25% of Grade
  • Attendance & Class Participation 20% of Grade

Be Advised:  You “WILL” receive the actual grade that you deserve in this class. If you earn a 100 you will receive a 100, and if you earn an ZERO, you “WILL” receive a ZERO. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for misbehavior in this class.If you DO NOT ask questions, you WILL be held accountable for incomplete or poor work. Remember, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to very carefully read all of your assignments, participate in class and ask questions so that you know how to complete your assignments.