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Note: The GRAAFICS Program in ABSOLUTELY no way,

shape, form or fashion partners and/or participates

with and/or shares information with law enforcement

agencies or investigations in any capacity.

According to the streets: A snitch is a person who

provides information about a person or organization

to a law enforcement agency. The term is usually used

in the streets where snitches are also known as ‘Rats’.

Snitching can be defined as: “The supplying of information

(without the consent of the other individual) with the

purposeful intent to cause some form of harm, for some

form of gain.  
Informants are found in the world of crime. “Crime” and “Informant” are synonymous like up and down, stop and go, day and night, hot and cold, etc.


By nature, most criminals commit their offenses with a friend, a ‘Look Out’, a ‘Crimey’, a ‘Homie’, etc. and therefore, the crime involves a person or people who are (in some way) aware of each other’s guilt. Quite frequently, snitches provide information in order to obtain lenient treatment for themselves and/or provide information, over an extended period of time, in return for money or for police to overlook their own criminal activities. Quite often someone will become a snitch following their arrest.

Snitches are extremely common in every-day police work, including homicide and narcotics investigations. Snitches are regarded as traitors by their former criminal associates and being classified as a traitor or a snitch is the ABSOLUTE WORST thing to be. Whatever the nature of a group, it is bound to feel strong hostility towards anyone known or tagged as a snitch.

Now that you have the COMPLETE definition and a CRYSTAL CLEAR understanding of what and who a snitch is…
Any general everyday citizen (like: A grandmother, grandfather, child, or a general everyday working class person NOT affiliated with ‘The Game’ in any fashion)  who aids an investigation by offering ANY helpful information to authorities is by definition ‘NOT’ a snitch.

Why? .... Why this person is NOT a snitch because this person is a civilian and NOT in the game. Remember, snitching is synonymous to crime NOT citizen. This person is NOT a criminal. This person is a general, everyday working class, taxpaying citizen in search of a better life for his/her family. You (as a criminal deep in ‘The Game’) were doing ‘Your Job’ as a veteran of the streets when you committed the crime; the civilian (a NON criminal, hardworking, taxpaying citizen) is doing his/her job by assisting with an investigation- THIS IS THE “RAW” TRUTH.