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professional development

Let Us Train Your Staff

For principals interested in offering personnel training,

GRAAFICS offers a full line of staff training, seminars and

workshops specifically designed to empower staffs with the

tools and techniques needed to effectively handle the most

challenging school environments and situations.

Our 5 session staff training program is one that offers your

staff a certified GRAAFICS trainer between the hours of 3:30pm

thru 5:30pm once per day for one full week. This trainer is

assigned to your school for the full week. Your schools staff

training package will include:

Day One: 2 Hours: Why Are You Teaching: A Look Back At Why You REALLY Chose This Profession, Is It What You Thought It Would Be And If Not How To Make It What You Dreamed It Would Be

Day Two: 2 Hours: Respect: Your Student Are NOT Your Friends, Maybe THIS Is The Answer To Your Why’s

Day Three: 2 Hours: Respect: Establish It First… Then Teach

Day Four: 2 Hours: Outcomes NOT Inputs: How To Engage, Challenge, Follow Up And Hold Accountable

Day Five: 2 Hours: Bullying: How To Recognize The Bully, The Bullied And What Happens When The Smallest Incidents Aren’t Addressed

½ Hour Website Video Testimonial: School Principal- ‘What GRAAFICS has done for my staff’

Part II: Our 5 additional sessions are ones that offers your staff a continued support. Designed to take them that extra mile, those trainings will include:

Day Six: 2 Hours: Establishing REAL Parental Relationships: It Begins At Home And So Should You

Day Seven: 2 Hours: Respect: When Students See You NOT Respecting Your Principal, Asst. Principal, Dean and/or Your Lesson Plan… They WONT Respect You

Day Eight: 2 Hours: Work Your Resources: You’re an Alumni To A Great College, You Have Friends That Have Great Jobs, You Belong To A Great Religious Institution, You Have A HUGE Network That Can REALLY Help You… Use It.

Day Nine: 2 Hours: Role Playing: A Refresher To Days #1 thru #9 In Action

Day Ten: 2 Hours: Time For Some Action: Establishing A Written Action Plan For The Rest Of Your Year And How to Stick To It.

Immediately following all staff trainings, it is a requirement that each school’s principal sit through a ½ hour video testimonial in which will be placed on the GRAAFICS website for review.