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Sub-Contract With The Experts
At GRAAFICS we clearly recognize that times are hard, funding is VERY limited and there are great programs out there that just don’t offer some the services that funders require. GRAAFICS has mastered certain fields; therefore, and in an effort to increase funding opportunities and support our fellow help mates we offer subcontracting services in our specialty areas:

                                                                   Gang Diversion

                                                                   Alternatives To Violence

                                                                   Ex-Offender Reentry

                                                                   Life Skills

                                                                   Workforce Development

                                                                   Education Connect


                                                                   Crime Victims

                                                                   Family Services


                                                                   Community Restoration

                                                                   Alternative Sanctions

Each GRAAFICS cohorts run 200 calendar days/evenings per program year. Each new GRAAFICS cohort begins 30 to 60 days following the graduation of a prior cohort. You can use our standard cohort module or we can tailor one specifically to the needs of your program.

Should your organization be interested in subcontracting us, let’s talk: