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teacher support

We REALLY Help Teachers!
GRAAFICS supports its teachers by assisting them with

their most challenging students. Once contracted,

our: ‘Life Skills’, ‘RAYS’, and ‘Reality Check’ programs

works with teachers and administrators to identify

the most challenging and/or disruptive students.

Once identified, those student’s schedules are

rearranged so that our program is one of their

mandatory classes.

How Is It Done

Each week the GRAAFICS staff member assigned

to your school will sit with each of the student’s

teachers to review the student’s lesson plan for the week. That GRAAFICS staff member will take the weekly lesson plan for each class, carefully study it, and turn those lesson plans into a more modern looking learning experience.


If a teacher has a class of 25 students. 20 students are actively engaged and 5 are not. That teacher has to spend so much quality class time addressing the behavior of the disruptive students that they loose the other 20. GRAAFICS extracts the 5 problematic students, works with them independently, modifies their behavior and transitions them back into a healthy classroom.