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what it looks like in your school

Behavior Modification Package

Our 20 to 40 session behavior modification program is one

that offers a certified GRAAFICS trainer once or twice

per week, in your school, between the hours of 9:30am X 2:00pm.

This package further includes:

4 Classes: Violence: What Does It Prove & Is It Really Worth It?

4 Classes: Cyber Bullying: The ‘New’ Felony.

4 Classes: Street Gangs: A Complete UnderstandingOf How Membership

                   EffectsYour Life.

4 Classes: The Code Of The Streets: Is It Really A Code, Who Really

                   Respects It, Why And Why Not.

4 Classes: Violence II: Understanding Why You May Resort to Violence And

                   HowBreaking That Cycle.

4 Classes: Education: Guaranteed Long-Term Money, Power & Respect

                   You’ll Never Get From Crime.

4 Classes: Stress & Anger Management: What It Will Get You And Hcow To

                   Best Deal With It From The Perspectives Of 10 Men With A Total

                   Of 120Years In Prison.

4 Classes: Decision Making: Healthy & Measurable Alternatives To


4 Classes: Getting Out Of The Game: Assisting Each Person With Building

                   A  Reasonable, Understandable, Measurable, Believable &

                   Achievable Action Plan.

4 Classes: Community Atonement: How To Apologize To Your Community

                   WithoutSpeaking One Word.

4 Classes: Power Speakers: The Program Brings In 4 Different Inspirational


Cohort Size:  10 Participant Minimum and 20 Participant Maximum.

GRAAFICS is an approved NYC DOE Vendor. We currently service multiple public middle and high schools in throughout the region. All services are fee based. Costs are determined by the selections that are made by individual schools. Discounts are available and may apply. Please contact us direct. -Thanks.

To actually SEE what our classroom set up looks like, click here.