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what you get

What Do Schools Get For Their Money?
Ultimately, this depends upon the package or packages that are chosen. The most popular school package is the one year ‘Life Skills/RAYS’ package. This package offers:

In Class Lessons: 40 (forty) intense life skills classes facilitated by the best instructors for your schools population.  

Instructor: An instructor that not only has the ability to answer the most difficult questions and address the most difficult challenges, but also has the ability to use firsthand experience to connect those challenges to positive outcomes.  

Field Trips: 10 to 12 field trips to destinations that support positive change and expose the rewards of negative behavior

Motivational Speakers: 10 to 12 great speakers that students may not have the opportunity to experience outside of The GRAAFICS Program

Network: A network of GRAAFICS graduates as well as citywide staffs and administrators that do a favor for a graduate simply because they support the program.

Experience: A unique experience that no other program in the city offers

Hope: The GRAAFICS Program provides students with a genuine reason to change their current behavior. Students want to change because they actually ‘see’ where their current actions and/or behavior will eventually lead them.  

What We Offer That’s Different Than What Schools Currently Offer or What Do We Offer That Schools Can’t Offer?

Up To Date Education: GRAAFICS takes a teachers current lesson plan and connect it to current situations and/or experiences, engaging students for the entire class and providing students with a unique learning experience that they can connect to real life.

Prevention: GRAAFICS offers prevention through awareness of short term, mid range and long term consequences, and by providing alternatives with immediately achievable results.

A Realistic Picture Of Success: GRAAFICS offers students a picture of success that they can see themselves in. GRAAFICS staffs are comprised of: former gang members, former substance abusers, former drug dealers, and the formerly incarcerated; whom were once former problematic students themselves. Students have the ability to directly see and hear our staffs horrible life stories, learn of the consequences of their poor teenage and adult decisions, and also have the ability to see, hear and learn how GRAAFICS staffs changed their lives becoming the people that they are today.

Anger Management / Aggression Replacement: A proven NON-THERAPEUTIC method for addressing poor attitudes, aggressive behaviors and aggressive actions. Tapping into the feelings that GRAAFICS staffs experienced when they were in some of today’s identical teenage situations, GRAAFICS has comprised a series of trainings based on the effects of poor decision making and rewards of healthy decision making. Where therapeutics focus on the origins and why’s of poor behavior, GRAAFICS focuses responses.