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Research shows that at alarming growth rates, an unprecedented number of New York City minority males between the ages of 14 and 24 are in some way connected to the criminal justice system. Whether it be through incarceration, probation/parole supervision, active street gang/crew activity, volatile behavior in school or the exhibition of some other form of ‘At-Risk’ behavior that will eventually get them into trouble, minority males between the ages of 14 and 24 are at great risk for lengthily incarceration or early death.

The Gang Diversion, Reentry, And Absent Fathers, Intervention, Centers (also known as: GRAAFICS) attempts to address its participant’s barriers by providing ‘Real-Time’ alternatives when GRAAFICS members are at the most vulnerable stages of their young adult lives. The program maintains a core curriculum that employs direct social-emotional educational group work techniques.

GRAAFICS members are made up of those young adults whom are either:

  • Currently in a STREET GANG and looking for a safe and productive exit,

  • Have recently been RELEASED FROM PRISON and is actively seeking rehabilitation,

  • Is currently considered an ABSENT FATHER and is seeking a healthy and productive relationship with his child or children,

  • Have been classified as an ‘AT-RISK YOUTH’ by either NYS Courts and/or NYC Dept. of Education

Should you know a someone that meets this criteria, contact us today.