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graafics wishlist

At GRAAFICS, we realize and fully accept the fact that we aren't the largest

most respected program out there ... but we're getting there. In the past

(many, many decades before us) other programs have selfishly

misappropriated funds. These immoral acts have now cast a blanket

judgement on most small and growing programs. It seems as if

NO MATTER the work we do, we just can not get a break. Meanwhile,

hundreds of millions of dollars continue to go to those HUGE

programs that do NOT need it and that can NOT do what WE do.

So, in order to earn trust, we've come up with a WISH LIST system. This system gives you (the major donor) the chance to help us while KNOWING that your hard earned money is going DIRECTLY to the cause. We figure, If you don't or can't trust us with your money (because you don't know us, which is understandable) then DO NOT give us your money. Use the money topurchase things that will help us LONG after the money is gone.Here's our wish list. -Thanks.

Program Operation Space w/ 2-3yrs Rent Paid In Advance

Four hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars ($429,000.00) will get us a space large enough to run programs 5 to 6 evenings per week from 3:00pm thru 10:00pm. This cost covers: #1. Two Years Rent, #2. Security Deposit, #3. Two Years Insurance, #4. Full Build Out,#5. Furnishings, #6. Tools, Supplies & Equipment, #7. Marketing and ALL bills and utilities PAID IN FULL for 2 to 3 years, #8. Payroll Budget for 2 to 3 staff members. -- This will give us the ability to DIRECTLY service 30 to 45 young adults WEEKLY, between the hours of 3:00pm and 9:00pm. Studies show that its between these hours that MOST young adults either commit or become victims of crimes. - Our IN-SCHOOL PROGRAM gives us the ability to monitor IN-SCHOOL behaviors and this Club House gives us the ability to provide the MUCH NEEDED wrap around services.

16 Passenger Van

At GRAAFICS we believe that if kids SEE more, they will want to BE more. Most kids have NEVER left their direct small NYC communities to see the many highlights of New York. There are those organizations that will give us FREE tickets, etc. However, the deal breaker for kids is getting there. Transportation is needed to DIRECTLY take kids on field trips OUTSIDE of their neighborhoods giving them the exposure that they NEED in order to grow.

Research Team & Development Team

'Evidence based' research is the deal breaker for TONS of phenomenal, medium sized programs that are actually doing effective work. These programs, like GRAAFICS have no research team to measure their work and no development team to turn that qualified evidence into data. In the absence of this, RFP's that we perfectly fit, we don't qualify for due to lack of the ability to prove we can do something that we do FAR BETTER than the million dollar programs. - A fully sponsored research and development team will be a REAL game changer for our youth. We have clearly identified a way to do things productively BETTER than our competition, we just need help getting it to the masses.     

25 Laptops - Fully Loaded

GRAAFICS provides services to public schools that are primarily located in those communities that unfortunately aren't at the top of the list for resources. Most of our classrooms are BARE. We take funds from our fees (that can be used elsewhere) to purchase tools, supplies and equipment. We gladly work with what we have with no complaints. However, our kids sometimes fall behind due to a trilogy of failed services: Home, School, Community. A gift of 25 laptops would significantly impact the overall grades of each GRAAFICS student. 25 laptops would significantly impact the grades of over 100 students