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models for non violence

Models for Non Violence is the countries very first education based beauty, culture and fashion program thatallows female students the opportunity to use their looks,intellect and fashion consciousness to help bringawareness to and stop violence. While focusing oneducation and social consciousness, Models For NonViolence uses this formula to help female students improve poor academics andimbalanced social consciousness.

Models For Non-Violence (M4N) prides itself on being

balanced by a core set of standards that we call our

‘Non-Negotiables’, which are our Mission Statement,

Vision Statement, Values Statement and our Motto:

I’ve been blessed with the gift of beauty, and will

use that gift to enhance the quality of someone else’s life.

The mission of Models For Non- Violence is to

decrease violence by increasing awareness and

education throughbeauty, fashion, culture and

social consciousness.

Vision Statement
Models For Non- Violence visualizes decreasing violence in school aged females by increasing awareness in anger management, social consciousness, self-sufficiency, mental and emotional health, education and entrepreneurialism. We visualize success through tireless self-works and through transparent partnerships with those that share our views.

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